I Ride Like A Girl ... Try To Keep Up 


Here you can see the two motorbikes most used in Hayley1993UK's video logs.

Honda CBF 125cc M-9 2009 (09)

It has established a reputation for comfort, high quality and remarkably low running costs.  The front features an attractive half cowl with a small, tinted windscreen that offers the comfort of wind protection at higher speeds.  Raised handlebars and a low seat height make the riding position natural and comfortable, allowing a reassuringly clear view of the road ahead.

Kawasaki ER-6F 650cc Ninja 2007 (57)

Escape the city and discover a new riding reality with this motorbike.  Lithe sports handling, a narrow profile plus a low, deeply padded seat tell only half the story.  Double pipe frame, rider friendly ergonomics, increased comfort, compact quick revving engine with stronger low to mid range, more torque in everyday range, and lighter handling.

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